Gillian Owen - Magento eCommerce Consultant

My real name is Gillian Owen (Gigglian is just my favorite nick name). My focus in life is eCommerce Consulting, especially for Magento.

I started designing and coding websites when I was only 12 years old. It began with a little website that I made for my school’s library. Once I realized how easy HTML was I dove into making everything from journal layouts to websites for my friends. Eventually as I got busier with school and work I stopped producing regular work. Oddly enough once I graduated college with my bachelors in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology, I ended up right back where I had left off. With no decent jobs in MCDB I took a local job working for an online eCommerce/Marketing company. While my primary role was setting up and developing their in house customer service team, I also ended up managing everything from Email Marketing to the Magento based eCommerce stores. It was a great first job to get me back into web design and development. Now I work for Customer Paradigm as a Project Engineer, where I specialize in Project Management, eCommerce Solutions and Marketing.

Everyday at work is another opportunity for me to grow my knowledge base. I have hundreds of Magento clients, and my experiences with them have taught me a great deal about what are the best techniques are for selling products on the web. On an average day I help plan, troubleshoot and discover new resources and solutions for my clients.

That’s why you can trust me to help you with growing your business!

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I also offer my skills and experience to non-profit organizations on a volunteer basis. I only work for organizations that I feel are making a positive difference in the world, so please do not contact me if you run a scam or discriminatory organization. If you need help with your non-profit organization’s website or marketing please contact me here.


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I offer a variety of different services and am always happy to provide you with a quote or estimate on any work you might be interested in having done. I’m most familiar with Magento, WordPress & Drupal, as well as a wide variety of CRMs and Email Marketing platforms. I also work closely with expert PHP developers

Starting at $75/hour:

      • Marketing Campaign Consultation
      • Web Presence Consultation
      • eCommerce Consultation
      • Usability Consultation
Starting at $175/hour:

      • WordPress
      • Magento eCommerce
      • Drupal
      • Shopify
Starting at $75/hour:

      • Email Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimization

Starting at $75/hour:

    • Logo Design
    • Email Template Design
    • Website Design
    • Social Media Design

This is just a short list of things I can help you with! I love to teach my clients how to be self sufficient, and that should tell you a lot! Why? Because too many companies and free lancers these days want to take you for a ride, they worry too much about retaining you as a client to really help you succeed at your long term goals. I want you to learn as much as you can from me so that your business can become even more successful.

Feel free to contact me for an estimate or quote.

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I specialize in making solutions for my clients on WordPress and Magento. I’ve designed and developed a variety of sites for a wide range of businesses and clients. Outside of my current company most of my solo work has been for non-profit organizations. If you have a non-profit organization and need help developing a website please contact me directly here.


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